Personalize Math Learning in Grades K-8

Wowzers uses data to personalize math instruction using content that is engaging and based on standards.

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How Do Educators Use Wowzers?

  • Wowzers contains enough K-8 math content and assessments for a whole year of instruction
  • Wowzers is used in over 400 school districts across the country, including the ones below 


Read below to see some ways educators are using Wowzers



Tiered Interventions (RTI, etc.)

Wowzers helps math educators implement RTI or other tiered intervention systems by:

  • Providing educators with real-time assessment data
  • Allowing educators to group students based on performance
  • Making it easy to create personalized learning plans
  • Continuously assessing student progress

Click here to read more about Tiered Interventions.

RTI from Wowzers Online Math



Blended Learning

Wowzers makes implementing Blended Learning easy by:

  • Providing adaptive content where students move at their own pace
  • Giving educators the ability to create groups to fit their Blended Learning model
  • Making it easy for educators to personalize learning plans for whole classrooms of students 
Click here for more on how educators use Wowzers in Blended Learning implementations.
Blended Learning




Wowzers helps prepare students and teachers for high-stakes assessments by:

  • Delivering modern assessment question types, like drag & drop and written response
  • Embedding assessment within instructions, so students don't have to take a separate test
  • Providing assessment data based on standards so that teachers can identify areas of weakness for students or classes before high-stakes assessments

Click here for more on how educators use Wowzers to prepare for assessments. 




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