Winner of two CODiE Awards: Best K-12 Solution and Best Classroom Management System

A Complete Online Math Solution

Deliver assessments. Personalize lesson plans. Engage students with adaptive content.


Every question is mapped to both state and Common Core math standards. Student progress toward standard mastery is reported online in real time.


The Wowzers curriculum adapts to each individual, creating a customized curriculum that focuses on what the student has yet to learn.


Offline and online math activities are combined to create a complete curriculum that uses technology and hands-on learning.


Formal and informal assessments provide trackable progress and prepare students for Next Generation assessments.


Math concepts in Wowzers are given context and presented through a story that answers the question of: "Why do I have to learn this?"


Wowzers uses a "whole child" approach to personalized learning that is grounded in brain-based research.

An engaging new Math adventure for Grades K-2!


Wowzers uses the Universal Design for Learning to address the why, what, and how of learning.

“Wowzers is the first program that the kids cheer as they are coming into the room if it’s a Wowzers day.”

Wowzers is transforming math in the classroom:

> Allows students to move at their own pace

> Recognizes when a student is struggling

> Guides students with contextual feedback

“Wowzers stays with you until you actually learn it very well, then it will let you move on.”

Wowzers students report a 26% increase over average in their yearly growth scores for math!

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