Blended Learning

Wowzers helps educators combine self-paced, digital content with offline instruction in a seamless package.

Blended Learning in a Classroom

Learn how Wowzers is used by teacher Sam Hess (King Chavez Arts Academy, San Diego, CA) to support his Blended Learning math environment.


Use Data to Personalize Learning

Sam uses data from assessments to determine what students already know so he can move them to more challenging math content. He also identifies which students need special attention in order to get them to grade level.


Online and Offline Tools

Wowzers helps Sam create individual lesson plans with both digital and offline learning content. Many of our offline math activities get students moving, discussing, and thinking about how to apply the math they have learned to more complex situations.

Make Learning Engaging

Making math fun and engaging for students is a challenge. There are plenty of apps out there that use games to keep students interested, but they do not provide teachers with any relevant information about how students are performing on standards.


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